Union Jack crypto

Official Crypto Currency of the United Kingdom!!

The Union Jack - UJC was created and launched by Union Jack Crypto Currency Ltd on 24th September 2021 and as no one else has done so yet, in true British style we hereby claim the title of 'The Official Crypto Currency Of The United Kingdom!!


The Union Jack is unlike no other crypto currency available, we have aligned the price of the Union Jack to the GBP, which simply means 1 UJC will always have a value of £1 GBP and because the Union Jack price is stable it makes it the safest crypto currency available as it suffers from no price fluctuations.

official crypto curreny of the united kingdom


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Gbp value

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Union Jack Price - UJC



1 UJC = 1 GBP

How To Use Union Jacks?

Union Jack's - UJC's

Getting started using your Union Jacks is simple all you will need to do is download an app onto your phone or computer called:



What Is A Metamask Wallet?

This is your very own secure Bank Account where you can store your UJC's, its so secure that only you will ever have access to it so we highly recommend that you write down the security phrases because if you loose them then youll loose access to your account forever!!


What Can I Do With My UJC's?

Because the Union Jack has a stable price it has many uses including:

Coming Soon..

About Union Jack Crypto Currency